Civic Engagement: Inspiring students to seek an active role in their communities. 

Public opinion of government is at an all time low. Now, more than ever, we must empower students to find their voice and equip them with the tools to become informed, engaged citizens. This starts with civic education. Participation is our right; knowledge is our responsibility.

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"If we don’t take every generation of young people and make sure they understand that they are an essential part of government, we won’t survive. We don’t teach our own kids. It’s insane."
– Sandra Day O’Connor
EverFi has partnered with iCivics, a non-profit founded in 2009 by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, to include gaming components in Commons.
There is an 11% net decrease among 18- to 24- year-olds likelihood to vote in the 2012 election.
- Institute of Politics, Harvard University. (2011)
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